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What’s the big deal with laminate?

Laminate has been around long enough that most homeowners are at least somewhat knowledgeable about its characteristics. However, if you’re not, we’re going to tell you just a bit more about it. The fact is, it’s likely to be one of the flooring materials that best suits your existing needs and preferences for flooring in your own home. With its wood, stone, and tile looks, it’s a perfect addition to any decor scheme, but also offers a wide variety of excellent benefits you can make use of as well. Durability, stability, and great functional behavior are just a few of the reasons why you should stop to consider this material.

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Laminate facts and options

Laminate flooring was actually created with hard-wearing durability in mind. The thickness of the boards allows for high levels of foot traffic to pass over it with very few ill effects, while the design layer offers a stunning look, no matter what kind of appearance you’re looking for. Of course, this was the first ever wood-look flooring, but you can now find replications of stone and tile as well, for a very well-rounded group of aesthetic options.

It’s no wonder so many homeowners are choosing laminate for their flooring needs, especially those with pets and children, or an abundance of house guests on a regular basis. Resisting such everyday wear and tear as scratches, scuffs, dings, and stains, it even goes a step further to resist fading. This allows you to extend your installation possibilities to rooms like the sunroom or living rooms with wide sweeping windows.

Laminate is incredibly easy to maintain and care for, which is great news for any homeowner. With a broom and mop, you’ll be able to keep these floors looking like new for years.

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