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Tile flooring has a history of use

Tile floors have been around for thousands of years, with some floors dating back to 4,000 BC and beyond. This natural resource was discovered and used all those years ago for many of the same reasons that make it a popular choice still today. One of the most durable, water resistant and long lasting floor coverings, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits both your needs and your style.

Carpet & Tile By The Mile knows that a quality floor covering is one of the most important aspects of your home. Used every single day, it simply has to stand up to everything that your home, and its residents, hasto dish out. We’d love to help you find the perfect match for all your flooring needs and invite you to visit us at our showroom located in Milford, CT. We service the areas of Milford, Stratford, West Haven and surrounding areas and look forward to serving you as well.

Tile has many benefits

Both ceramic and porcelain tile have many of the same benefits. Porcelain, because of the ingredients used in its manufacture, and the high temperatures at which it is kiln dried, is harder, denser and therefore more water resistant than ceramic. For this reason, it’s a great addition to kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. However, it can be just as “at home” in any other room as well.
Luxury tile floors in Milford CT from Carpet & Tile by the Mile
Porcelain has a through-body construction that means the color remains the same throughout the entire piece. This means that chips and cracks are much less likely to show on porcelain than on ceramic.

Ceramic tile is only shortly behind porcelain in all of its benefits. It has the added benefit of being covered by brightly colored glazes, which means your designing options are limited only by your own imagination. Not only do you have a wide variety of colors, styles and designs, you can use a combination of these to create mosaics, patterns and so much more. These tiles can even be cut into different shapes to create truly original designs.

You’ll love the ease of cleaning afforded by this flooring material, especially if they are properly maintained and cared for over the duration of their lifetime. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s specifications in treating stains or cleaning up heavy messes. And be sure to use a professional installer to have this flooring installed.

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